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ProPlay Soft Fall Interlocking PadsProPlay Soft Fall Interlocking Pads

ProPlay Soft Fall Interlocking Pads

Rubber is a strong, durable and incredibly versatile product. Soft Fall rubber is a much safer and hygienic surface surface for children to play on compared to bark chip and sand. Poured rubber is a safe, maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing playground surface suitable from small residential backyards to large commercial areas.

* Each unit is 2.025 SQM.

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NOTE - If you need any help with unusual shapes and sizes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Our widths of rolls come out at 3.71m (just like carpet), you can buy however many metres you need.


  • Safe &
    No Contaminants

  • Highest
    UV Stability

  • Residential

  • Commercial

The 45mm ProPlay Soft Fall interlocking pads are suitable for falls of up to 2.1m.

Find the right ProPlay to meet a specific critical fall height requirement

CFH 2020

Above critical fall heights are measured by an independent certified laboratory

According to EN 1177:2018 with a 24 mm pile height synthetic turf filled with 25 kg/m² silica sand.

* Critical Fall Height is limited to 3 metres, since the maximum allowed free height of fall (in Europe) is 3 metres.

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Thickness at 2 kPa load 47 mm
Mass per unit area 4.0 kg/m²


Force reduction 78 % AAA*
Vertical deformation 14 mm AAA*
Critical fall height (Head Injury Criterion ~ 1000) 1.7 m EN 1177
*AAA Advanced Artificial Athlete

Drainage and Isolation

Water infiltration rate [IA] 36000 mm/hr EN 12616
Thermal conductivity [λ10] 0.05 W/m.K EN 12667
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