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Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch 20kg


Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds & Gardens

Elevate both your garden and playground with All Seasons Synthetic Turf’s rubber mulch, which takes pride in being Australian-made from locally sourced rubber. This versatile mulch is not just great for giving gardens a low-maintenance beauty boost, but it’s also superb for making playgrounds safer and more vibrant.

Tired of the constant chore of replacing traditional mulch? Choose rubber mulch as your ally. Not only is it a cost-effective alternative to wooden mulch, but it also keeps termites away, tackles weeds with ease, and is water-efficient. Your garden will thrive and the kids will love it too!

What sets it apart for playgrounds is its durability and cushioning characteristics, making it an excellent choice for safer play areas. For gardens and landscaping projects, its aesthetic allure and hard-wearing properties make it a winner.


Where can I use Rubber Mulch and What are the Benefits Over Wooden Mulch?

  • Flower beds, garden beds planters, playgrounds, Horse arenas
  • It is non toxic and doesn’t attract termites
  • Rubber mulch will last 10-20 years, while you only get around 6 months with wooden or peat mulch (less in the hot months)
  • Rubber mulch will stop the water evaporating which means your plants will be moist for longer, this will reduce water bills
  • Using Rubber Mulch will help the environment by reducing waste from the tires in Australia

How much coverage will I get from a 20kg bag?

A 20kg bag will cover approximately 2m2, if you use a good quality weed mat underneath you will get approximately 2.5m2

What is rubber mulch?

Experience the eco-friendly, long-lasting landscaping marvel that is rubber mulch!

Crafted from recycled rubber tires, this innovative alternative boasts the natural charm of wood mulch, but with enhanced durability. Rubber mulch resists decomposition, pests, and fungi, ensuring a pristine yard without attracting unwanted insects.

Perfect for playgrounds and child-friendly spaces, it provides a gentle cushion for tumbles. Embrace rubber mulch as the practical, sustainable solution for your landscaping needs!

Is rubber mulch eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Rubber mulch is a phenomenal eco-friendly option for your landscaping endeavours. Created from recycled rubber tires, it reduces waste and conserves resources while promoting sustainability by decreasing demand for new rubber products.

With its longer lifespan than traditional mulch, you’ll replace it less frequently, further reducing waste. Choose rubber mulch for an environmentally conscious outdoor space.

Why is rubber artificial mulch good for the garden?

Desire a flourishing garden? Rubber artificial mulch is the answer! Like natural mulch, it retains soil moisture—crucial in hot, dry climates. Its porous structure permits air and water to reach the soil, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment.

Your plants will thrive, especially those requiring consistent moisture. With rubber artificial mulch, maintain ideal soil moisture levels for a healthy, vigorous garden.

How long does rubber mulch last?

Incredibly durable, rubber mulch withstands the elements for up to a decade or more with proper care. Save time and money by replacing it less often than traditional wood mulch.

Resistant to pests, fungi, and other environmental factors, rubber mulch’s lifespan remains robust. Factors like climate, usage, and product quality may affect its longevity, but regular maintenance ensures lasting beauty and function for your landscaping needs.

How do you install rubber mulch?

Installing rubber mulch is a breeze! Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Clear debris and level the ground.
  2. Lay down a weed barrier fabric to deter unwanted weeds.
  3. Spread rubber mulch evenly over the area, 2-3 inches deep.
  4. Rake the mulch for even coverage.
  5. Water the area thoroughly to help the mulch settle.
  6. Voila! Enjoy your low-maintenance, long-lasting rubber mulch garden or landscaping project.

Can rubber mulch be used for commercial landscaping projects?

Absolutely! Rubber mulch excels in commercial landscaping projects, offering durability and cost-effectiveness for large-scale endeavours. Its low-maintenance nature saves time and money on upkeep compared to traditional mulch.

Pest and fungi resistance make it especially beneficial for commercial properties. Public spaces, like schools, parks, and playgrounds, trust rubber mulch as a safe and sustainable ground cover. For a practical, stylish solution, choose rubber mulch for your commercial property or outdoor business space.

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