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Shall I install the turf myself or is it best to get All Seasons Synthetic Turf to professionally install?

We always recommend you get your turf installed professionally but sometimes budgets can play a big role when deciding what to do. It is more economical to do DIY especially if the area is only small and under 20m2. If your area is an unusual shape or has lots of tricky cutting then maybe do a comparison on costs, don’t forget it will take you a lot longer than it will take us, especially if you are time poor. We have had many customers successfully complete DIY projects with some help and guidance.

Is your full range available for DIY?

Yes, our full range of synthetic turfs are available, some sports grasses may need to be special ordered. We have large warehouses so can carry large amounts of stock. Also, as our turfs are Australian Made we do not have to wait for products to come in from Asia.

What size are the rolls?

All our Australian made turfs are 3.71m wide and a standard roll is 20m long. Some sports turfs come in custom widths.

Can I buy the accessories like turf pegs, joining tape and Infill sand from you?

Yes, we have all the accessories in stock including turf pegs, Joining tape, infill sand, P-Off Infill for pets and Cool-Off Infill for cooling, along with adhesive glue.

How do I measure my area?

If you have decided to install your turf yourself then here are some helpful tips

  • Most synthetic turf has a direction so all joins must run in the same direction.
  • If your lawn is an odd shape, an easy way to measure it is to draw it on graph paper. Take measurements at key points of the lawn (such as the widest and longest points), plot the points on graph paper, with each graph square representing 1 metre and sketch the approximate outline of the lawn.
  • If you have a rectangle or square, you just measure the width remembering roll widths are 3.71m wide and then measure the length. If your width is wider than the rolls then you will need to buy 2 widths by the length e.g if your rectangle is 5m wide by 6m long you will need to buy two pieces at 3.71m wide by 6m long.
  • If you do a drawing with as many measurements as possible then you can email the drawing to us or bring it into the showroom and we can work it all out for you. There’s nothing worse than mis-measuring and either not having enough or ordering too much.

Do All Seasons Synthetic turf come out to measure for DIY?

We only come on site for supply and install but you can send your house plans or a drawing and we can work it out for you.

Can I lay synthetic turf on concrete or pavers?

Yes, you can. You just need to make sure the surface is in good condition and not uneven or have big cracks. With regards to drainage, it will be the same as when you had concrete. For pavers the drainage will be better than concrete, but you need to make sure the pavers are not broken or uneven or you will have an uncomfortable uneven finish under foot. You will need a good quality outdoor waterproof adhesive which can be used just on the perimeter or with concrete over the whole surface, if needed.

Can I put synthetic grass on my balcony

Yes, synthetic turf is a great option for balconies and can transform the area.

What tools will I need for DIY?

If laying on concrete you will need a tape measure, stanley knife and glue, with a stiff broom to brush up the pile if not our silverback lawn.

If you are laying synthetic turf in your garden that has real lawn, then you need to either hire a mini digger or use shovels and wheelbarrows to remove existing lawn. You will also need:

  • Mini digger or shovels to remove existing grass
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Stanley knife with extra sharp blades
  • Hammer
  • Power broom or strong broom
  • Compactor or tamper for small areas
  • Measuring tape

How do I lay synthetic turf?

Can I lay the synthetic turf on top of sand?

You will need 100mm base for parking and heavy duty areas or 75mm for residential areas. For parking it is best to use 80mm of road base with a 20mm of cracker dust on top to give an even, smoother finish under foot. For residential areas use 75mm of cracker dust, then compact both down to the required height so your turf of choice sits 5mm to 10mm proud to give a more natural finish.

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