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How to Lay Artificial Grass

Step 1 : Removing existing lawn

Remove any lawn, rocks, sand etc. to a depth of 60mm. or 80-100mm if vehicles are going to be parked on the lawn. Hand tools are fine for removing lawn. For large areas a bobcat or dingo will be the best option.

Once the area is dug out, use a rake and sand spreader to get approximate level and installing any necessary boarders.


Step 2 : Install the base

Once the area is flat and approximately level, fill with road base (e.g. crushed rock). Rake and spread using a sand spreader. Once it is all to approximate level, wet and compact using a plate compactor to ensure you have a hard base.

The final step of installing the base is screeding for a perfectly level base for the lawn to be laid on. Using a screed bar and crusher dust (e.g. cracker dust) you will need to get the level depending on the pile of the lawn so the top of the lawn will sit flush with the kerb, boarder etc. and screed the whole area to the same level ensuring your levels are correct check every metre using a level. Once screeded. Wet and compact. Be careful not to wet the area to much as it will sink when you compact. Once the screed is compacted and hard you will need to do a second screed running your bar over the area taking out any compactor marks or filling in any dips.

Step 3 : Installing all seasons synthetic turf perth

Installing synthetic grass can be very difficult and technical. Depending on the shape, size and how many joins are needed. The fake turf has a grain and needs to be laid in a certain direction for it to look best. If joins are needed this is where things get a bit tricky. You’ll need to ensure that at least 2 stitch lines are cut off each side of the lawn to make a unnoticeable join.Once all pieces are in place, join them up using synthetic turf joining tape making sure no grass fibres stick to the tape. Improper joining will result in an unsightly seam running down the length of your synthetic lawn. Once all pieces are joined and in place you will need to cut in all the edges using a Stanley knife, it is very important to change your blade very often to ensure you get a nice clean cut.

Step 4 : Sanding and brushing in your new all seasons artificial lawn

You will need to spread white washed sand using 10-15kg of sand to every square metre of lawn to ensure you get a good infill. Brush the sand in using a power broom, or a stiff outdoor broom. And then you will need to use a blower to blow in all the sand completely.


  • Shovel
  • Compactor
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Float
  • Screed bar
  • Crusher dust
  • Road base
  • Joining tape
  • White washed sand
  • Synthetic turf pins
  • Stanley knife/blades
  • Rake
  • Sand broom
  • Broom
  • Blower

For your copy of our installation sheet contact us

All our Australian made synthetic lawns are available for self-installation, If you consider yourself a DIY enthusiast or would like to install your own synthetic lawn, then we have a complete DIY service.

We can help with the design of your new lawn, including how much artificial turf you will need to purchase, as well as Ali edging, pegs, joining tape and specially formulated kiln dried sand together with installation guides and tips from a professional. If you’re looking for Artificial Grass in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or elsewhere in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

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