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Even if you have a dog or two in the backyard, there’s no need to avoid artificial turf. Pet friendly turf, efficient odour control and cooling products mean you can enjoy all the benefits of synthetic turf without the odour and bacteria. Choosing a turf that’s made from COOL Yarn means you’ll have turf the whole family (furry members included) will love.

What is our Pet System

All Seasons Synthetic Turf offers a full pet system, which includes Silverback Lawn™, P-Off™ Infill for Pets and Cool-Off™ Infill.

Silverback Lawn™

Our pet products have many unique properties, which make this the ideal choice for pet owners and high traffic areas. Silverback Lawn™ resists flattening and possesses minimal shine. It’s easy to clean up of pet waste due to the yarn texturisation and an optimum Lifetime Warranty.

Cool-Off™ Infill

Cool-Off™ Infill provides a cooler surface temperature for your synthetic turf. As the lawn is heated by the sun, moisture stored in the Cool-Off™ is released and the evaporative moisture removes heat, leaving the surface cool. Surfaces like synthetic turf benefit greatly from this cooling system, due to it being specifically designed to work on the hottest days, when the sun is directly overhead.

P-OFF™ Bio Enzymatic Concentrated Cleaner

P-OFF™ Infill is a 100% natural mineral, mined in NSW, which is installed on top of your synthetic turf, the infill will  absorb and break down ammonia found in pet urine.

This is a super concentrate, so extremely economical, just mix then spray on the lawn using one of our Foam Gun applicators, leave on for 3-5 minutes then give a good rinse. P-Off™ bio enzymatic cleaner can also be used on any porous surface to control odors from Pet waste.

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