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Pet Friendly

If you have pets, your natural lawn may look a little worn down. From urine scorched brown patches, tracks of exposed dirt and holes from your pets digging, it's time to install synthetic turf.

Our Silverback Lawn™ is specifically designed for pet owners and when combined with our Cool-Off™ Infill, it rapidly decreases the surface temperature, to ensure your furry friends paws are safe from the heat. When looking into purchasing synthetic turf for your home, one thing on your mind might be 'how will it smell from my dogs waste?' and with our P-Off™ Infill, you can clear that from your mind, as this user-friendly product helps remove bacteria and odours from synthetic turf. With both of these infills, you can have a peace of mind, knowing your front and back yards will be cool, as well as odour-free, all year round.

Check out how much some of our furry friends enjoy their synthetic turf yards.

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