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All Seasons Synthetic Turf has for several years been working very closely with our Australian manufacturer in Melbourne to design a synthetic grass that has all the properties and features the Australian public has been asking for, like a product that is extremely tough, doesn’t get as hot, has no shine and resists flattening when the dogs and kids are running around.

Silverback Lawn has all these attributes plus the added benefits of extra drainage and our industry leading Lifetime Warranty. We believe Silverback Lawn is the most realistic, coolest and toughest synthetic grass in the world,  our happy customers and their pets agree with us.

Due to the texturised COOLplus Yarn Technology, Silverback Lawn is perfect for your pets and family to share, especially when used with our P-OFF Infill for Pets and P-OFF concentrated deodoriser and cleaner.

  • Perfect for schools & daycare facilities.
  • Commercial premises of all shapes and sizes.
  • Triple backing means extra strength for pets, children & high traffic areas.
  • Silverback Lawn has 250 micron thick fibre; making it suitable for FIFA approved systems & commercial areas.
  • 100% Australian made, with an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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  • Australian Owned and Made
  • Lifetime Warranty with Silverback LawnsTM
  • 30% Cooler with COOLyarn
  • Finance Options Available
  • Australia Wide Shipping