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Olympia COOLplus™ Hockey Green 13mm is All Seasons Synthetic Turf”s recommended surface for both elite professional and club hockey. Designed for player comfort and fast moving playability, COOLplus™ Hockey offers reduced irrigation requirements, exhibits high UV stability and playability from the exclusive fibrillated yarn, meaning fast moving play and precise ball movements. COOLplus™ Hockey is environmentally friendly and made using sustainable products.

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$85 / sqm

NOTE - If you need any help with unusual shapes and sizes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Our widths of rolls come out at 3.71m (just like carpet), you can buy however many metres you need.


  • Safe &
    No Contaminants

  • Highest
    UV Stability

  • COOLplus
    Cooling Technology

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Australian Fire Safety
    Standards Approved

Q. What makes COOLplus™ Hockey suitable for our club hockey pitches?

  • Meets all the requirements of the International Hockey Federation(FIH) and has ISO 9001 certification
  • Highest possible UV stability, a proven international playing surface to Olympic level
  • Made using proprietary Infrared-reflective COOLplus™ sports yarn technology
  • Proven force reduction which evaluates a surface’s ability to reduce impact on lower extremities
  • Soft and resilient yarn
  • COOLplus™ Hockey Green is Australian made with exclusive texturised monofilament fibres

Q. What makes COOLplus™ Hockey environmentally friendly?

  • Contains recycled rubber which has been washed and prepared for use
  • Is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on
  • Materials sourced from sustainable products

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Reflective Heat Document

Finished Product Details

Product Code 5550
Application Hockey/multi-sports
Pile Height (mm) 13mm
Colours Green or Olypmic Blue
Total Product Weight 2715 g/m2
Fire Rating Yes

Supply Specifications

Available Width 3.71m
Standard Roll Length 55m
Approx. Shipping Weight 2715 g/m2
Line Systems Tufted as required

Infill Material

Stabilising Infill
Performance Infill

Product Warranty

Warranty 7 year limited warranty as per manufacturer’s standard warranty terms


Machine Gauge 4.76mm
Stitch Rate 39 per 100mm
Yarn Weight 1600g/m2
No. of Tufts (m2)
Perforated Yes

Yarn Properties

Yarn Construction Texturized Monofi lament, IR-Refl ective (COOLplus) Polyethylene
Linear Density 600 Tex / 5400 denier
Environment Environmentally friendly yarns which are heavy metal free
UV Stability The yarn is protected against UV degradation to the highest level as specifi ed in the yarn manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions

Primary Backing

Construction Multilayer / Polypropylene / Fleece
Primary Layers Black

Secondary Coating

Compound Base Hybrid Emulsion
Tuft Anchorage 40 Newtons (minimum)
Antioxidising Agent Present


Yarn Origin Australia
Country of Manufacturer Australian Made
Quality Standards Quality certified by international Standards (AS/NZ ISO9001:2008

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Reflective Heat Document

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