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Cool Off™ InfillCool Off™ Infill

Cool Off™ Infill

When applied to synthetic turf, Cool-Off™ Infill reduces the surface temperature by 30%. This allows you to have safe, cooled down, synthetic turf for all of the family and your pets to enjoy.

Cool-Off™ Infill provides a cooler surface temperature for your synthetic turf. As the lawn is heated by the sun, moisture stored in the Cool-Off™ is released and the evaporative moisture removes heat, leaving the surface cool. Surfaces like synthetic turf benefit greatly from this cooling system, due to it being specifically designed to work on the hottest days, when the sun is directly overhead.

Why would I choose to use Cool-Off™?

  • It has the ability to reduce synthetic turf temperatures by up to 28 degrees.
  • Provides a safe temperature for your families & your pets.
  • It is UV resistant, which deflects the heat from your synthetic turf.

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  • Australian Owned and Made
  • Lifetime Warranty with Silverback LawnsTM
  • 30% Cooler with COOLyarn
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