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Premium Turf Infill Sand 20kgPremium Turf Infill Sand 20kg

Premium Turf Infill Sand 20kg

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NOTE - If you need any help with unusual shapes and sizes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Our widths of rolls come out at 3.71m (just like carpet), you can buy however many metres you need.

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Application Premium Artificial Turf Infill
Weight 15kg

Chemical Analysis

SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) 71.81 %
Al2O3 (Aluminium Oxide) 12.1 %
Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide) 1.14 %
Na2O (Sodium Oxide) 2.33 %
K2O (Potassium Oxide) 0.90 %
CaO (Calcium Oxide) 2.60%
MgO (Magnesium Oxide) 1.2 0.65 %
TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) 0.22 35 0.22 %
MnO (Manganese Oxide) 0.03 %
P2O5 (Phosphorus Pentoxide) <.02 %
P2O5 (Phosphorus Pentoxide) 0.22 %
Loss on Ignition 7.77 %

Trace elements (ppm)

Ba (Barium) 10
Co (Cobalt) 1.2
Cr (Chromium) 35
(Selenium) <1
Cu (Copper) 19
Zn (Zinc) 33
P (Phosphorus) 187

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity (whole rock) ~2.3T/m3
Bulk Density (depending on particle size) (700-1400kg/m3
Ambient Moisture Normal <5%
Hardness (MHO’S SCALE) ~5.0
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) meq/100g ANZ38 powder 147 average


Major Clinoptilolite (w% of the total Zeolite content) 85 %
Other Mordenite (w% of the total Zeolite content) 15%
Minor Quartz, Feldspar, Montmorillonite


Mined Australia

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