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How can I stop urine smell from my dogs on my synthetic grass ? Perth and Melbourne

All Seasons Synthetic Turf has a full range of Pet products, from specialised pet friendly synthetic turf, liquid pet urine remover to P-OFF Pet Odour Infill

P-OFF Pet Urine Remover

If you have an existing lawn then you can use P-OFF pet urine remover, this comes in a liquid for and is a super concentrate. P-OFF pet urine remover is diluted then sprayed directly on the synthetic grass/ flooring. After 3-5 mins you rinse with a hose and your lawn is clean, sanitised and fresh. Check out P-OFF pet urine remover 

P-Off Urine remover

P-OFF Pet Odour Absorbing Infill




If you are thinking of replacing your old dead lawn with lush green synthetic grass but are worried about your furbaby peeing on the lawn and making it smell, then we have the product for you. P-OFF Pet Odour Absorbing Infill, is a natural mineral from Australia that when comes in to contact with ammonia, quickly gets absorbed by the mineral then slowly broken down. A once only application means a sanitised lush lawn for all the family.


If you are installing your own synthetic grass you can purchase P-OFF Pet Odour Absorbing Infill and install yourself, easy to install:

  • Install synthetic turf of choice as per manufacturers instructions
  • Work out the amount of P-OFF Infill you will need e.g 35mm pile height requires 10kg per m2 each pile height, each pile height requires different volumes.
  • Install using either a sand spreader or by hand 
  • Brush up using a power broom or stiff out door broom, brush against the grain. 

Available in 20kg bags for supply only.

Silverback Lawn For Pets

What is Silverback Lawn™ and what are the benefits
  1.  Australian made 100%
  2. Lifetime Warranty
  3. Innovative yarn that resists flattening and will not matt
  4. Tough triple backing
  5. Entanglement technology means it will not hide debri’s
  6. No shine from any angle but with highest UV stability
  7. The most natural looking  synthetic turf to be developed 
  8. Exceeds Fifa 2 star rating for strength and durability
  9. Perfect for high traffic areas, Pets, c
  10. Children and commercial use


For information on our complete pet systems including our range of Pet Lawns call

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