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Coloured Artificial Grass in Perth – Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, White & Terra Cotta!

Coolplay coloured artificial grassOur range of synthetic turfs has revolutionised the way schools, gyms and architects are designing public spaces. It is made from durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions and is aimed at providing you a comfortable surface to walk on in bare feet. Our high quality standard and 15 year guarantee also ensure that it will look great for years to come and that you can have piece of mind no matter the situation.

Best of all, our turf products are locally made here in Australia to ensure they cater for our unique Australian needs and weather conditions. Our offerings are backed by German research and we only source the best materials to manufacture our products. Because we do our own manufacturing, stock availability is never an issue, and we happily deliver and install turf all throughout Greater Perth and Western Australia.

While we initially only produced regular green turf, as technology improved, we were also able to expand our product range by adding different colours. This helped us to service a larger client base as different coloured turfs can be used as design elements that take care of specific needs.

Our blue artificial turf and purple synthetic grass for example, have been instrumental in the establishment of outdoor water based recreational facilities that require non-concrete product.

The mixture of these colours has given fresh design options to clients that needed to introduce more interesting and fun colours to their facilities. This used to be a big impediment as suppliers tended to stick to the green and earthy colours that limited practical applications.

Different coloured synthetic turf available and their possible applications for Perth-based businesses and homes:

Blue Artificial Grass

Here in Australia we love our outdoor lifestyle. Our blue turf has enabled us to layer blue blocks to mark out hop scotch runways, goal net areas for indoor soccer pitches and much more. It is also a colour that has a calming effect and can be used for outdoor Yoga studios.

Our blue turf is also great for using on vertical and overhead surfaces should a sky element be needed.

Purple Turf

Purple synthetic grass is a highly requested colour. Day care centres and schools require purple turf areas as a way to stimulate learners in colourful surroundings. Kids love our bright purple turf!

Yellow Synthetic Lawn

Yellow is also a firm favourite with children’s play areas in shopping centres where bright combinations can be used to draw families to commercial spaces that cater for children.

Bright Red Fake Grass

From a sporting point of view, this is a great colour to mark out lines and other spaces for sport pitches. Its bright colours do not fade in the sun.

Terra Cotta Synthetic Turf

Coffee shops and restaurants that want to move away from heat absorbing concrete have used our terra cotta turf ranges to not only create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating area, but also something that is cool under foot. Its soft surface is also great for absorbing noise.

White Artificial Grass

This tends to be used indoors for day care centres but more so for marking out lines for indoor cricket and soccer fields. Now you are able to use the same product across various design requirements without having to use peripheral paints to mark out sections.

Green Turf

Obviously, green is our traditional offering and we see clients still loving this. Go for some traditional natural green, complimented with the other colours we now have on offer for your next project.

Colours available

For more information and examples, visit our Artificial Turf Products page.