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Bunbury Artificial grass

As you know, Bunbury is world renowned for its natural beauty and has grown to become one of Western Australia’s best tourist hotspots. It has also been one of the fastest growing cities due to the increase in tourism coupled with some mining activity that has drawn loads of professionals.

Because the climate is generally very hot with temperatures reaching a high of 40 degrees in the summer months, our clients find that their backyards, recreational areas and public spaces can find it hard to keep natural lawns and gardens neat. This has prompted many people in Bunbury to look for alternatives to normal grass to ensure they have beautiful looking walkways, gardens and public spaces that appear natural yet are functional enough to withstand large volumes of people.

Practical applications of our synthetic turf products in Bunbury

Residential properties

For people who are time poor and don’t want the hassle of looking after natural grassed areas, especially in the arid summer conditions, artificial grass is the perfect solution. As we are located in Port Kennedy, we will happily come to Bunbury to do your installation for you, and we’re also not that far if you’d like to come and inspect our range of high quality turf options in person. Alternatively, if you’d like we can also send you some samples in the mail.

While most of our clients in Bunbury purchase astroturf products for their residential backyards and swimming pool areas, we also find interest in our synthetic turf products for commercial uses. Some such uses could include:

Rooftop or beach bars and beach weddings

Nothing draws a crowd better than a beach bar. Being in the centre of the action does however bring about its own challenges. Or maybe you’re having a wedding on the beach? Building regulations don’t allow for concrete foundations on beaches to protect the marine animals that live in the sand. Our synthetic turfs are a great solution to give you the stable floor space you need to allow you to set up your semi-permanent or mobile structures.

Rooftop bars are also a great way to bring the ocean and other natural elements to the top of a building. Our synthetic options give business the chance to create great looking rooftop entertainment areas that are durable and functional. Keeping it interesting with regular updates is also quick and cost effective.

Beach promenades and town squares

When coastal areas become popular, it can be hard for hotels, developers and town planners to keep their spaces interesting. Our synthetic turf products are not only more affordable to use and maintain than natural turf, but it gives a dimension of colour that was never before possible at this scale. Now that we offer so many colours, the design possibilities are endless.

Synthetic grass is also great when conventional grass maintenance was becomes burdensome. If you have a lot of people using a specific area, organic grass doesn’t have enough time to grow back again. With Australia’s droughts over the last few years, watering lawns has been problematic, making the switch to synthetics an easy decision.

Tennis, basketball and cricket pitches

Sports fields, courts and pitches used to be an expensive thing to build and maintain but with our variety of synthetic products, tennis and basketball courts are now easy to lay out and keep looking good!. The same applies to cricket pitches and the best news is that all the above mentioned can either be indoor or outdoor. Our products can handle anything you throw at it.

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Proper installation is key for a product to last

We always ask our clients about the outcome they wish to achieve whenever they want to use our products. Often it makes sense to buy turf and have us deliver it to Bunbury before installing it yourself, but if you need turf that will be durable and is frequently used it’s better for us to do the installation for the longest life span possible. Our team of professional installers as well as our accredited partners are trained in proper installation techniques for synthetic turf that ensures you receive the best possible outcome.

Our experience also saves you time and money when it comes to choosing which products and designs will work best for your area. We love sharing our work with clients to see how ideas can be shared. Our rates are great, and we work quickly to ensure you get the best value from us.


If you would like artificial grass installed or commercial property in Bunbury or the surrounding region give us call on 1300 931 443 or email and lets discuss your options!

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