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Sustainable Artificial Turf

Bringing olympic technology to your back yard!

Introducing Australia’s first synthetic grass made from sugar cane…All Seasons Synthetic Turf

This new premium landscaping solution is made from 60% renewable resources and is the latest innovation by australian manufacturer, All Seasons Synthetic Turf has all the benefits of a durable synthetic grass, but is now environmentally friendly.


Utilising Green Technology (GT) recently developed for Olympic Hockey fields, APT have revolutionised the synthetic grass industry with this sustainable solution that gives consumers an opportunity to get their weekends back whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

Landscaping Solutions Just Got Greener.

So How Does It Get From Being Sugar Cane To Your New Lawn?


Sugar cane captures
CO2 from the atmosphere

Classic gt


Sugar cane is
crushed mechanically

Classic gt


Extracted bi-product is
fermented to create ethanol

Classic gt


Under heat and pressure,
water is removed from the ethanol
to create an ethylene gas

Classic gt


Ethylene gas is transformed into
small polyethylene beads

Classic gt


We add HeatBlock technology to
the beads to keep the product
cool and green

Classic gt


Yarn is extruded in
our Melbourne based factory

Classic gt


SYNLawn Classic GT is
the world’s first environmentally
friendly synthetic lawn!

Classic gt

Sugar cane is a natural bio-based plant which absorbs carbon dioxide in the air rather than emitting it like other oil-based materials do. Thereby, this sustainable and recyclable product reduces the greenhouse effect and global warming.

All Seasons Synthetic Turf Classic GT grass is available in a 45mm pile height that looks lush and feels soft all year round.

Pet friendly and backed with an incredible 15-year Australian-made warranty, this exciting landscaping innovation offers a sustainable solution that gives you green grass, in more ways than one!

Keep your grass green and the planet healthier by choosing All Seasons Synthetic Turf Green Technology (GT).