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SILVERBACK LAWN Toughest Grass For Pets, Kids and High Traffic Area’s For Residential Or Commercial. Comes With A Life Time Warranty


Silverback Lawn is our latest most innovative, cutting edge artificial lawn, high performance, no shine, resists flattening and will not absorb Pet urine

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Pet Friendly Synthetic turf for Dogs

LifeTime Warranty

Here at All Seasons Synthetic Turf, we are dedicated to help you make the right decision when choosing the right turf for your pets and children.

We all love our pets but growing real lawn and keeping it nice can become hard work and expensive. 


By the time we arrive to measure up, our dog owning customers are finally resigned to the fact that if they’re going to have dogs, they’re not going to have a nice natural lawn.

  • Maybe they have a small garden, or a digging, dashing about dog, that churns up the mud.
  • Maybe they have over hanging trees, or a north facing aspect means that grass just doesn’t get established, and is quickly killed off by kids and pets.
  • Maybe your soil type just isn’t conducive to growing nice green grass, and the urine scorching just looks dreadful.
  • Maybe, you’re just busy and have better things to do than mow a patchy, poo covered square of weeds at the weekend
  • Maybe your pets or children have allergies 

Whatever the reason, the considerable investment to replace a lawn with pet friendly artificial grass isn’t one that home owners take lightly or without considerable thought.


At All Seasons Synthetic Turf, we combine our recommended Silverback Lawn™ artificial grass for your pets with our professional installation and a unique economical Urine and dog waste removal system called P-OFF

Here are a few features and benefits that will help you enjoy your new artificial lawn for many years to come

  • Tough durable Australian made synthetic turf with a LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Yarn that has no shine but the highest UV stability
  • Entanglement technology – dog waste will sit on top and not grab on to the yarn, so easier to clean
  • Resists flattening and matting
  • Extra drainaige for better hygiene
  • Cost effective and easy to apply urine and odor remover P-OFF™

It you want all of the above then you will want to see our unique, amazing, tough as a Silverback  Lawn™

Our synthetic grasses are manufactured in Australia by APT , Engineered to last for many years with a industry leading  Lifetime  warranty.