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Silverback Lawns are specifically designed & manufactured in Australia for Pets, Children & High Traffic Areas.

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All of our Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass are manufactured in Australia with our proprietary COOLplus Yarn Technology.

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All Seasons Synthetic Turf has the latest technology using SugarCane for a Sustainable Future in Australia.

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Odour Control, Safety for Pets, Economical & Cost Effective. Fast, Safe & Non Toxic

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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass for your Pets with a Lifetime Warranty.


Cool-Off is a cooling infill, which can be applied to new or existing lawns, providing a cooler surface all year-round.

Artificial Grass Mandurah

Being located in Port Kennedy, we love Mandurah, and have a great many customers from Mandurah and the surrounding region!

Once a small fishing village, Mandurah is now a sprawling coastal city that has earned itself a reputation as one of Western Australia’s best boating, fishing and retirement destinations. It is set to continue to grow in popularity from a tourism point of view and through professionals that want to live far enough yet close enough to Perth.

As well as residential installations of astroturf in Mandurah and nearby suburbs, there are many ways artificial grass can be used to redesign public spaces that will help them keep up with the modernisation of Mandurah and accommodate the spike in the local population that places strain on their facilities.

Types of artificial grass and synthetic turf projects we’ve completed in Mandurah thus far:
The majority of our projects and sales in Mandurah are for residential projects – people looking to increase the value of their homes or make their lives easier by installing high quality, long-lasting, natural looking and eco-friendly artificial lawns.

There are also many potential commercial applications including:

Greening up the canals

Being a destination for water sports, Mandurah has a vast array of canals and boat clubs that all need decks and walkways along the docks. Traditional materials like wood decay quickly and maintenance is costly. Wood also tends to rot or become very slippery when exposed to water.

Our synthetic grass and turf options are a great and practical way to give a more durable, modern and low maintenance solution to these popular Mandurah spaces.

Residential installations of synthetic turf

Boat trips have grown in popularity and local businesses are cashing in on that interest to provide value for money and comfortable boat excursions. If your charter boat requires bright, colourful flooring that is durable and non-slip give us a call.

Synthetic grass can even be used quite successfully on party boats that wanted to create an island atmosphere that is easy to clean and visually enticing.

Shopping centres

As Mandurah has grown to become a retirement friendly city, a lot of shopping centres and other lifestyle commercial districts have seen the need to make their spaces safe, practical and exciting at the same time. Our synthetic grass and other turf solutions are a great option to develop public spaces that enhance the experience of shopping centres, both aesthetically, and in giving kids safe places where they can play, and the elderly and other shoppers lovely places to rest.

Because we are able to supply a vast range of colours in all our synthetic turf offerings, making an area rich in colour is easy. You no longer need to truck in expensive labour-intensive tiles that crack in the harsh Australian sun, and our coloured turf products is a feast for the eyes. With online shopping becoming so popular, shopping centres are applying their creative designs to transform commercial spaces into lifestyle areas that continue to draw people in.

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Who’s Trusted Us

Ozzy Man Reviews

All Seasons Synthetic Turf provides a year-round green appearance, which not only adds to the curb appeal of Ozzy Man's home.

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Luc Longley

All Seasons Synthetic Turf offers a durable and realistic-looking surface that's ideal for families with children or pets.

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Adam Simpson

With All Seasons Synthetic Turf, Adam can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of watering, mowing, and fertilising.

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Ozzy Man Reviews

All Seasons Synthetic Turf provides a year-round green appearance, which not only adds to the curb appeal of Ozzy Man's home.

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Luc Longley

All Seasons Synthetic Turf offers a durable and realistic-looking surface that's ideal for families with children or pets.

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Adam Simpson

With All Seasons Synthetic Turf, Adam can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of watering, mowing, and fertilising.

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Get in touch & speak to one of our friendly, professional team members.

All the answers to the most common questions.

Does the synthetic turf get hot?

Synthetic turf is a textile and like other surfaces will heat up on a hot day. Our synthetic turfs are made with Coolplus Yarn technology which can be up to 30% cooler, We also have P-Off Infill for Pets and Cooling, which will reduce the surface temperature to that of real turf.

Where is your turf made?

All our turfs are 100% Australian made in Melbourne using Australian yarns produced on site at the same facility in Melbourne (no imports).

We have a pet. Will the grass stink of urine?

If you don’t clean your turf using our Pet system cleaning products, then yes you will get a smell, same as you would if you did not clean the urine spills up indoors or on your paving. Lucky for you, we have a natural P-Off range of urine cleaning products, from a mineral infill’ to a spray-on bio enzymatic concentrate.

What is your warranty?

Our turfs come with either an industry leading 15 year or lifetime warranty.

Will my turf flatten in high traffic areas?

Usually over time some synthetic turfs will flatten but our innovative Silverback Lawn has been designed to resist flattening, it also has no shine.

What maintenance will my new lawn require?

Little maintenance is required compared to real lawn, just blow or sweep away any leaves or debris, spray for any weeds and, if needed, give a brush up with a stiff broom.

Do you supply turf Australia wide?

Yes we do, pick up or delivery can be made in any state.

Is synthetic turf safe for my family and pets?

Yes, all our products are Australian made and have the prestigious AS/NZS ISO9001: 2008 certification, this gives our customers peace of mind when choosing from our range.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we do both in Perth and Melbourne. All our main range is on display in landscaped settings.

Is your turf safe for my family?

Yes, all our synthetic turfs are made using polymers that are clean and safe with no contaminants.

Are all synthetic turfs Australian made?

All ASST synthetic turfs are Australian made using Australian Yarns. Unfortunately, 95% of our competitors import their turfs which means their customers get a short warranty and a short lifespan. Some synthetic turfs are also marketed as Australian made but are only assembled here using imported materials. Just ask where the Yarn is from.

Can you drive on synthetic turf?

We get asked a lot if you can drive on synthetic turf. Well, the answer is YES, as long as the turf is installed correctly with the correct amount of subbase underneath the synthetic grass. This makes Silverback Lawn™ the perfect choice for customers with verges, pets, children or large commercial areas.

Can you install synthetic turf on concrete or paving?

Yes, as long as the surface has no big cracks and is level, just be aware that drainage will be limited with concrete surface.

Can you get melting from reflective heat?

Yes, Australian made synthetic turf can withstand high UV and temperatures but there is a risk of reflective heat reaching in excess of 100Deg on a certain angle. This will cause the yarn to curl giving a different appearance. This can be avoided by putting a small border in the affected area. If your real turf or plants burn in that area, then this will be an indicator.

Can you provide an installation service?

Yes, ASST has many years of experience with installing synthetic turf. We can complete every step of the installation including earthworks. Our installation managers are all company employees and pride themselves on a professional finish and make sure your property is left clean and tidy.

Let us help you to design and install it

Whether your project is large or small, we are at the ready to get down to business and install any of our synthetic grass solutions you may need. Our experience and skilled tradesmen know Mandurah like the back of their hand, and add value to your purchase as we know the environment your turf will be installed in and are better able to interpret your need and recommend solutions that are fit for purpose than other businesses that don’t call Mandurah and the surrounding areas home.

We will always aim to deliver a solution that builds a long-term relationship that makes us your design partner as your needs may change. Our work is guaranteed, and our installations will last you much longer when compared to DYI installations. All projects are carefully planned to make sure we get the job done quickly.

If you would like artificial grass installed or commercial property in Mandurah or the surrounding region give us call on 1300 931 443 or email [email protected] and lets discuss your options!

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