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Why is my dog digging holes in the artificial grass?

Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of Pet ownership in the World

According to RSPCA Australians have 24 Million pets and dogs are the most popular pet at 38% which is around 20 dogs to every 100 people (registered)

That is a lot of dogs digging holes in the back yard, which means replacing broken and chewed reticulation, filling in holes and re seading the lawn not too mention the burning of the grass  from the urine. It can work out very expensive to maintain your natural lawn if you have a pet, then on top of that you have to use precious water to feed the lawn and chemicals to kill the weeds and nasty insects. Wow this is exhausting just thinking about the outcomes.

Why does my dog dig holes

Entertainment – while we are busy at work our pets can get bored, so digging a hole and laying in it can be entertaining, then watching us fill it in even more so!!!!

Escape – Some dogs may have seperation anxiety and maybe be digging under the fence to find where you have gone too or they maybe wanting to play with the next doors pets

Keeping cool – Our Perth summers can be very hot, so our pets dig  holes to lay in the cooler dirt

Searching for prey – They may hear insects or vermin under the ground especially the Terriers and want to explore

Burying hidden treasure – When they get that precious bone or toy they want to protect and hide it, why not dig a nice hole in your lovely green lawn

If your furbaby likes digging then why not put a boxed out sandpit and encourage them to use this allocated area

Silverback Lawn™ Pet Grass

Our Australian Made Silverback Lawn Pet Grass has been engineered especially for gardens with Pets

  1.  Australian made 100%
  2. Innovative yarn that resists flattening and will not matt
  3. Tough triple backing
  4. Entanglement technology means it will not hide debri’s
  5. No shine from any angle but with highest UV stability
  6. The most natural looking  synthetic turf to be developed
  7. Exceeds Fifa 2 star rating for strength and durability
  8. Perfect for high traffic areas, Pets, children and commercial use

That is the pet grass sorted but what about the urine smell


Yes that is right, we have 2 new innovative products designed for artificial grass when you have pets.

P-OFF Infill For Pets

When installing your new synthetic pet lawn, you replace the sand infill will our P-OFF odor absorbing infill, you will need around 7kg per m2, put it on top of the lawn, and either power broom or stiff broom it in. This is a natural mineral that absorbs the amonia causing chemical in dog urine then naturally breaks it down. The added benefit is if you hydrate the P=OFF odor absorbing infill with a hose then it also slowly releases moisture into the air which in turn reduces the surface temperature of your lawn on a hot day, it may keep cool for upto 3 days. A definate added bonus.

P-OFF Urine Remover (liquid concentrate)

P-OFF Urine remover is a super concentrated liquid Bio enzyme, you mix with water and spray on the lawn, leave for no more than 5 minutes, then give a good hose to rinse, you only need 240ml per 4 litres water so very economical and comes in 2 litres and 4 litres. We have been using this ourselves and the results are amazing, our lawns smell clean and fresh, hygenic and safe for the grand children to play on.

Check out our pet solutions

We have worked hard for many years and worked closely with our Australian manufacturer to find a solution to a problem that stopped pet owners installing synthetic turf, now you can have a nice green, clean back garden that is perfect for your pets and family.

Call us on 1300931 443 or email [email protected] for more information on All Seasons synthetic Turf Pet solutions or to book a quote, where we will show you our range of  affordable synthetic grasses.

Our Synthetic Turf

Pet Friendly Turf

Silverback Lawns are specifically designed & manufactured in Australia for Pets, Children & High Traffic Areas.

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Cooler Turf

All of our Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass are manufactured in Australia with our proprietary COOLplus Yarn Technology.

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Sustainable Turf

All Seasons Synthetic Turf has the latest technology using SugarCane for a Sustainable Future in Australia.

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