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Artificial Turf For Around Your Swimming Pool

Having artificial turf professionally installed around or in your pool area has many benefits:

  • No more clippings in the pool
  • No more pool water & chemicals killing the real grass
  • No more muddy patches when the area gets wet
  • No more glare from to much limestone
  • No more retic
  • No more excessive water bills

All Seasons Synthetic Turf has many different variety’s of synthetic grass to suit everyone’s ideal aesthetic, from Buffalo, Couch to fine blade lush fake lawns.

  • Summer Cool 35mm pile height
  • Summer Breeze 38mm pile height
  • Winter Cool 40mm pile height
  • Buffalo 35mm pile height NEW
  • Lush 45  45mm pile height
  • Cool Mow DIY 30mm pile height
  • Olympia CoolPlus- Multi functional sports surface
  • CoolPlay – Perfect for children s play areas, day cares and schools


  •  30% Cooler yarn scientifically proven
  •  Australian made using Australian APT yarns (Australia’s only yard manufacturer)
  •  Designed by us specifically for Perth’s harsh climate and conditions
  •  Soft underfoot and extremely natural looking
  •  Two and three tone IR-reflective polyethylene monofilament, texturised monofiliament multicolour subpile
  •  Environmentally friendly yarns which are 100% heavy metal free
  •  Maximum protection against UV degradation
  •  25 yrs testing at the Allunga Exposure laboratory in Townsville
  •  Backed by a 10 yr warranty (conditions apply)


Well not anymore, our CoolPlus range of fake turfs can be 30 % cooler than other turfs on the market but in addition to that we also have a NEW exciting infill product called HydroChill, that will solve all those issues of shoppers worrying about the turf getting too hot.

WHAT IS HYDROCHILL – Benefits of using HydroChill to reduce the temperature of your Synthetic Turf

HydroChill is UV resistant to prevent your lawn from fading and only requires UV treatment every two years for maximum effectiveness

HydroChill can be incorporated into all our synthetic lawns, and can even be applied to other existing  artificial lawns with  sand infill systems

HydroChill has successfully lowered temperatures 30 – 50 degree

HydroChill is a non-hazardous material with no risk of dangerous polymerization or chemical reactions No adverse health effects (eye, skin, ingestion, inhalation) expected under normal conditions

HydrChill Hydration activates the synthetic lawn cooling system and a hose can be used to simulate approximately ¼ inch of rainfall in the morning

HydroChill will not affect the durability or warranty of All Seasons Synthetic Turf  products

HydroChill is the most impactful product for combating the harsh heat in Perth,  in the history of artificial grass.

If you want a cool, comfortable fake grass in Western Australia that feels and looks great all year long, contact us  to see if HydroChill is right for you.

Why Install HydroChill with your artificial grass?

In the past, the surface temperature of synthetic lawns was always a concern. While fake grass is  great for   combating harsh,  dry, hot climates, high  temperatures can  cause the surface of the grass to require frequent rinses with water to stay cool. Now, however, All Seasons Synthetic Turf have a solution in  HydroChill, which  allows you to enjoy your synthetic  lawn any time of day or year. HydroChill can reduce the surface temperature of fake grass, synthetic putting greens, sports surfaces  by more as much as 50 degrees, making artificial lawn viable in even the harsh Australian climate. HydroChill Infill can keep your family and pets comfortable outdoors even on warm days.

How does HydroChill Infill keep artificial turf cool?

HydroChill works by using moisture or hydration  to cool the surface of the grass. As the lawn  is heated by the sun, moisture stored in the HydroChill is released and the evaporative moisture removes heat, leaving the surface cool.

HydroChill uses  moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew or reticulation can help keep the grass cool for days.  During the hot  summer, surfaces absorb more energy from the sun and heat up quickly. Surfaces like artificial turf benefit greatly from this cooling system  because HydroChill is designed to work on the hottest days when the sun is directly overhead. As conditions continue to heat up around the world and artificial lawns become more popular for areas hit hardest by drought, HydroChill is the best way to combat surface heat and make your outdoor space enjoyable for everyone.

hydrochill image sun

All Seasons Synthetic Turf is the industry leader in Australia, we are always listening to our customers to see what they would like in an Artificial turf product. The last few years we have had many requests and with our innovative manufacturer APT in Melbourne we have exceeded our customers expectations;

  • Is the synthetic turf made in Australia – Yes, all our artificial grasses are made in Australia using Australian APT yarns
  • We have heard that synthetic grass can get hot – Yes it can, like any other surface out in the harsh sun. Our CoolPlus range of synthetic lawns are 30% cooler and we also have the Hydrochill infill which will reduce your artificial grass to natural grass temperature when wet
  • I do not want my fake grass to look fake – All our artificial turfs have been designed to suit Perths harsh aesthetics, they look and feel extremely natural and are soft underfoot
  • Will my pet ruin the fake lawn – All our synthetic turfs have been designed to be durable for your pets. If you have a particularly destructive  pet, then precautions will need to be made, edges will need to have extra pins and just keep your eye on them when they first go out to explore. Our Summer Cool artificial grass also is manufactured with the latest Actionbac, with is a triple reinforced backing that is used in sports turfs, in particular the last 5 Olympic games. With the dog waste, you will need to keep on top of it by rinsing the urine off and picking up the poo, if you get a smell from the urine, then we have a natural product called UrineFree, which when comes in to contact with urine, it will crystallize the urine particles and remove the urine, it really does work on any surface, all you have to do is spray it on the turf undiluted, leave it over night and like magic the Urine and the smell has gone
  • Will the pool water and chemicals damage the fake turf – No, the grass has been designed to withstand pool chemicals and as we use porous materials under the turf, you get great drainage also, so no puddles.
  • Do I get a warranty – Yes we give a 10 year manufacturers warranty, when we do the installation or 8 years if you do DIY

If you have any more questions you would like answered or if you would like to know more about, CoolPlus Yarn, HydroChill or UrineFree, then call our office to speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable staff. You can also visit our showroom to see our full range of artificial turfs or one of our displays but remember they are display only and any questions you have will need to be directed to our office. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Synthetic Turf

Pet Friendly Turf

Silverback Lawns are specifically designed & manufactured in Australia for Pets, Children & High Traffic Areas.

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Cooler Turf

All of our Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass are manufactured in Australia with our proprietary COOLplus Yarn Technology.

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Sustainable Turf

All Seasons Synthetic Turf has the latest technology using SugarCane for a Sustainable Future in Australia.

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