How Do I Install Aluminium Edging?

Ali Edge – Strong, versatile, flexible Aluminium edging, looks sleek and modern. Install as a straight edge or be creative with curves, it can even be used to separate artificial grass from a flower bed, as a border around trees and flower beds.

Lightweight and easy to use, you can either have it professionally installed when we are installing your new artificial grass, or for the DIY enthusiast the product is available for self-install.

Ali Edge comes in 2.9m lengths by 75mm high, accessories are included, guides, joiners and 300mm stakes.


  • Easy DIY or professional installation available
  • SleekSlimline profile
  • No rust, even in coastal climates
  • Flexible curved or straight usage

How To Install All Seasons Synthetic Turfs Ali Edge

  • Dig out the area, the Ali Egde is 75mm high so you will want to dig out 75mm of dirt or grass.
  • Make sure the area is level and that the top of the Ali Edge sits flush with the driveway/paving.
  • You will need 2 stakes per metre
  • Install the Ali Edge by placing where you want your border to be, if curving you may want to get a few extra stake and guides to keep secure.
  • Slide in the Guides 2 per metre and if joining multiple lengths do this now with the joiners provided, there are also 90 degree angles for corners or if you want to put a border around a tree or feature.
  • If you need to cut the Ali Edge then it is advised to use a hack saw or angle grinder.
  • Once the Ali Edge is fixed and secure to the right level, if installing synthetic grass, you will need to put the cracker dust in the area and compact to the correct level need for the pile height of your chosen artificial lawn.
  • If the Ali Edge is just for a feature flower bed or to surround a tree or service box, then you are ready to go.

We are very happy to offer instruction when you purchase your Ali Edge through All Seasons Synthetic Turf.

Please let us know if you would like more information on our Ali Edge whether for DIY or to have professionally installed when having your artificial lawn laid. Call us on 1300 931 443 or email [email protected] We look forward to receiving your call.

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