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Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?


One of the biggest concerns with owning synthetic turf is ” Will the grass be too hot for the children to play on in the summer?” All Seasons Synthetic Turf provide cooler synthetic turf due to the CoolYarn Technology embedded within. We know how hot the Australian summer can be & to ensure you always have a cool lawn for your children and pets to run around on, we have released Cool-Off™ Infill.


It is a typical hot Perth day today and all our customers who recently put Cool-Off™ on their synthetic turfs are happy to report they can comfortably relax on and not worry about it their front and back yards not being too hot.

Yes the results are in – Cool-Off™ Infill has reduced synthetic turf temperatures by up to 28 deg C

First of all a little information on what Cool-Off™ is and how you can benefit from it. t benefit it is to you the customer wanting synthetic turf but worried about the heat. Cool-Off™ is a cooling technology infill that is added to the sand infill that you install with synthetic grass. This simple addition to the turf’s infill provides an average cooling range of 16-28 degrees Celsius and works naturally when hydrated by irrigation, rainfall and dew! Feet and paws will really appreciate the difference All Seasons and Cool-Off™ will make to your new or existing fake lawn.

Why purchase Cool-Off™ for your artificial grass?

In the past, the surface temperature of synthetic lawns was always a concern. While fake grass is  great for  combating harsh, dry, hot climates, high temperatures can cause the surface of the grass to require frequent rinses with water to stay cool. Now, with Cool-Off™, it allows you to enjoy your synthetic lawn any time of day or year. Cool-Off™ can reduce the surface temperature of fake grass, synthetic putting greens, sports surfaces, by a simple, easy to use application. Making artificial lawn viable in even the harsh Australian climate.

How does Cool-Off™ work?

Cool-Off™ works by using moisture or hydration to cool down the surface of the synthetic turf. As the turf is heated by sun exposure, moisture stored within the Cool-Off™ Infill is released and the evaporative moisture removes heat, leaving the surface cool.

During the hot summer, surfaces absorb more energy from the sun and can heat up extremely quickly. Surfaces like artificial turf will benefit greatly from this cooling system, as Cool-Off™ is designed to work on the hottest of days, when the sun is directly overhead. As conditions continue to heat up around the world and artificial lawns become more popular for areas hit hardest by drought, Cool-Off™ is the best way to combat surface heat and make your outdoor space enjoyable for everyone.

Benefits of using Cool-Off™ infill system
  • Cool-Off™ utilises moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending on local conditions.
  • Cool-Off™ can be incorporated into all of the All Season Synthetic Turf range
  • Cool-Off™ will not affect the durability or warranty of All Seasons Synthetic Turf products
  • Cool-Off™ is UV resistant
hydrochill image sun


A standard synthetic lawn with a wet surface will  cause some cooling but temperatures can rise quickly especially in Western Australia and will quickly exceed uncomfortable levels of heat. A synthetic turf treated with Cool-Off™ has shown to create a substantial temperature differential in real world applications.

combined 1Steve has been taking samples to our customers with the Cool-Off™ installed. He puts them out in the sun whilst he is measuring for the quote, then customers can have a feel of the 2 grasses. One with and one without Cool-Off™ and what an amazing reaction we’ve had. All of the customers were amazed by the result and could not believe the difference in temperatures. The above images show test results performed by FLIR – Certified Thermographer using the most advanced camera imagery Easy application for those with existing artificial grass


For more information on synthetic Grass the same temperature as real grass, then call us on 1300 931 443 or email [email protected]

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