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Can You Drive on Artificial Turf


All Seasons Synthetic Turf is Perth’s leading supplier of Australian made artificial grass, we pride ourselves on having the highest performing quality products at an affordable price to suit all budgets and applications.


We get asked a lot if you can drive on synthetic turf, well the answer is YES, as long as the turf is installed correctly with the correct amount of sub base underneath the synthetic grass. All Seasons Synthetic Turf recommends a minimum of 100mm in parking areas but this depends on the weight of the vehicle but 100mm is more than sufficient for a family SUV.

All Seasons Synthetic Turf in Perth have a new revolutionary artificial Grass called Silverback Lawn™ the propitiatory  texturised yarn, means the turf resists flattening, has little to no shine and has excellent drainage with maximum drainage holes. This makes Silverback Lawn™  the perfect choice for customers with verges, pets, children or large commercial areas.

Silverback Lawn comes in 2 pile heights 35mm and 40mm for extra comfort underfoot.All our lawns are suitable and more than  tough enogh for parking so look at our range and make your choice, with peace of mind your 15 or 20 year warranty Australian made synthetic turf will give you the confidence and return on investment. Our artificial grass is 100% Australian made in Melbourne using Australian yarns produced on site at the same facility in Melbourne (no imports). If you’re looking for Artificial Grass in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or elsewhere in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

Please call 09 9524 6065 or email [email protected] and one of our friendly team can answer your questions or book you in for an on site quote.

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Our Synthetic Turf

Pet Friendly Turf

Silverback Lawns are specifically designed & manufactured in Australia for Pets, Children & High Traffic Areas.

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Cooler Turf

All of our Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass are manufactured in Australia with our proprietary COOLplus Yarn Technology.

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Sustainable Turf

All Seasons Synthetic Turf has the latest technology using SugarCane for a Sustainable Future in Australia.

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  • 30% Cooler with COOLyarn
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