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Applications of Artificial Grass

Buying high quality artificial grass from a supplier near you in Perth helps you to access a versatile product with many applications for home owners and businesses alike. For example, if you live in a residential unit in Perth with limited sunlight where grass battles to grow, then astroturf is the perfect answer for you. Businesses that struggle to maintain conventional lawns find that artificial turf provides them with a low maintenance and environmentally friendly solution.

At All Seasons Synthetic Turf we work on a large range and variety of projects and wanted to share some ideas for how fake grass can be used to enhance your spaces. This new way of space planning has opened the doors to many people that want to create stimulating areas that are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being very comfortable.

Practical ways in which synthetic grass has been used by our clients in Perth:

Artificial turf for outdoor applications

Our synthetic grass is useful at home, school, the office or a neighbourhood park. We all love large trees, but we don’t always appreciate the lack of grass under it. Growing grass that is suitable for shade is very tricky to manage and consumes a lot of water. Many of our clients simply install our synthetic grass to take care of that and it is super easy to keep clean because falling leaves and dust don’t stick to it at all.

Turf walkways are also a great alternative to concrete, especially if you live in a place where summer temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees. Concrete is expensive and very permanent. Our products are flexible and easy to change should your spaces need to be altered.

Synthetic grass can be an indoor solution as well

When you think grass, one would naturally start thinking about all the applications thereof outside. We have however seen a multitude of examples where our products are a great fit for indoor areas that might surprise you. Examples include:

  • Using different colours of artificial grass for children’s play areas
  • Modern office social areas for companies trying to emulate the Google office vibe
  • Conference venues (very popular with car trade shows and garden exhibitions for instances)
  • Artificial grass for balconies, for example within apartment complexes
  • Synthetic turf for indoor sport facilities, eg. indoor soccer, cricket or volleyball pitches

Artificial grass for sports fields, teams and facilities

Nothing draws a crowd better than a sport event and our clients sometimes require a product that will help them to achieve the best sporting experience possible. Some sporting applications of artificial lawns are:

  • Hockey pitches
  • Rugby fields
  • Golf and mini-golf ranges and courses
  • Football fields
  • Cricket pitches
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pools
  • School play areas

Special needs areas

One of the more interesting applications of our products are in areas where a soft surface is needed, but where carpets could not work. This is because carpets trap dust and hold a lot of dust mites that are harmful to people with health conditions in their respiratory system. Synthetic grass can be used in hospitals and aged care facilities for instance.

People can even use synthetic grass for their animals like snakes where limited space makes it hard to replicate a natural environment for the animal. Our installers are however not professional snake handlers, so we ask our lovely clients to focus on their pets and let us focus on the installation of the synthetic grass!

Artificial grass for business Parks and hotel entrances

In dry or densely populated metropolitan areas, creating and maintaining gardens is not a practical option, yet having areas completely void of any flora decorations is also not ideal. This is where we step in, by providing a durable and good quality synthetic grass product that creates a beautiful landscape that is very low maintenance.

This is also a great option for commercial districts that have space limitations where appealing footpaths are a challenge to maintain. Our products are not only durable but also easy to keep clean, saving our clients time and money.

Synthetic turf for shops, shopping centres and restaurants

Retail outlets large and small are always looking for ways to keep their properties neat, clean and looking great. This is however a very expensive exercise if you want to maintain lush gardens, especially in WA’s hot and often dry climate. With water becoming a scarce commodity all over Australia, people are more conscious about the way they manage their properties. Our synthetic grass gives an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to using large amount of water to maintain living grass.

Shops and restaurants with unique layouts inside and out often use our products to create appealing areas where space comes at a premium. Some restaurants also use artificial turf to absorb noise that is often problematic in floor areas with tiles, concrete or laminated surfaces.

When it comes to installation, we’re the fake grass experts near you in Perth ready to help!

Installing fake lawn products might seem simple enough, and it sometimes can be. There are however best practice methods to install it so that you can get the maximum lifespan out of the product, and in more complex applications DIY installation can be problematic. For this reason we have Perth’s most experienced and professional installers to give you a hand!

Our products are completely recyclable, and we will gladly remove them for you if you wish to redo your spaces. Speak to us so that we can see how we can help. Our teams are geared to work fast and efficiently to save you time and money. We believe in our products as they are locally made here in Australia and stock availability is never an issue.

If you’d like more information on any of these applications of artificial grass, or another custom application you have in mind, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 931 443.

If you need a solution for a commercial project, such as a sporting field or large scale corporate installation, you may also be interested to visit our commercial site here.

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