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Chuckles Childcare Centre

Chuckles Childcare Centre approached us with a challenge. Their existing outdoor space needed a complete makeover to ensure safety, hygiene, and a visually appealing aesthetic suitable for children. The result? A captivating hybrid of EPDM Soft Fall Rubber and Silverback HD hybrid turf that not only ensures safety but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the play area.

About Chuckles Childcare Centre:
Chuckles Childcare Centre stands as a beacon of excellence and commitment in Warnbro. Established on 2nd March 2010, it is a family-owned and operated private centre that upholds values of inclusivity, a welcoming atmosphere, and familial warmth. The centre prides itself on a team of dedicated educators who value family beliefs, cultures, and actively promote family and community involvement. With a rating that exceeds standards, it’s no surprise that in 2020, Chuckles was recognised amongst the Top 50 Childcare Centres in WA.

What did they go with?

EPDM Soft Fall Rubber

This vibrant coloured rubber is ideal for playgrounds due to its durability and safety against falls. Made from recycled tyres, it offers an eco-friendly solution that’s easier to maintain and spot potential hazards on than traditional surfaces like sand or bark chip.

The EPDM Soft Fall Rubber offers a diverse palette of colours that can be combined in numerous design patterns, ensuring safety against falls from significant heights. Combined with our Silverback HD throughout the playground, it accentuates a high-density, vivid appearance.

Silverback HD hybrid

Designed for high traffic areas, this turf, with a 35mm pile height, uses COOLplus yarn technology. It’s resistant to flattening, shines minimally, and comes with features like P-Off Infill to reduce pet odours and bacteria.

Our Synthetic Turf

Pet Friendly Turf

Silverback Lawns are specifically designed & manufactured in Australia for Pets, Children & High Traffic Areas.

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Cooler Turf

All of our Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass are manufactured in Australia with our proprietary COOLplus Yarn Technology.

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Sustainable Turf

All Seasons Synthetic Turf has the latest technology using SugarCane for a Sustainable Future in Australia.

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