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Business as usual supplying Australian Made Synthetic Turf For Pets and Family spaces

Business as usual For supply only DIY in Victoria but with safe practices in place.


Asst is an Australian Family business, our staff and customers wellbeing is of upmost importance to us. ASST have taken action to minimize exposure to our staff and customers and we will be closely following safe practices as recommended by World Health Organisation and the Department of Health and Safety.

Under the current regulations, you are still permitted to renovate your garden yourself, all you need to do is do a basic drawing and as many measurements as you can get, or if you are not sure where to measure, then send us the drawing and we will mark what points to measure. Remember our synthetic grass rolls are 3.71m wide, so you will need to work with those widths.


  • Send us your drawing or measurements 
  • Tell us a little about what your area is used for
  • Do you have pets or children
  • Is it front, rear, balcony, childrens play area, verge




Although our Australian Made synthetic Turfs are manufactured in Melbourne , we are not at present expecting any impact on stock, we have large warehousing capacity and carry more than enough stock to get us through Melbourne Lockdown.

We are all doing our bit to support the fight against the Covid – 19 Pandemic, this means we are spending alot of time at home and our pets are not getting the excercise they are used too. It is important to keep your synthetic turf clean especially if your lawn is a shared space for the family. 

Pet Friendly Synthetic turf for Pets children and any space with a whopping Lifetime  warranty

At All Seasons Synthetic Turf, we combine our recommended Silverback Lawn artificial grass for your pets with our professional installation and a unique economical Urine and dog waste removal system called P-OFF  infill for pets and cooler  and P-OFF Urine remover (liquid concentrate)

This can all be installed by yourself with our guidance.

Our synthetic grasses are manufactured in Australia by APTA in Melbourne, so you will be supporting local industry. Engineered to last for many years with a industry leading  Lifetime Warranty  

What is Silverback Lawn and what are the benefits
  1.  Australian made 100%
  2. Innovative yarn that resists flattening and will not matt
  3. Tough triple backing
  4. Entanglement technology means it will not hide debri’s
  5. No shine from any angle but with highest UV stability
  6. The most natural looking  synthetic turf to be developed 
  7. Exceeds Fifa 2 star rating for strength and durability
  8. Perfect for high traffic areas, Pets, children and commercial use






Cheif and Wookiee love there new Silverback Lawn with P-Off Infill for pets, as they will not get in to trouble for digging holes and the bonus is the grass will be clean and cooler.

P-OFF  Infill, is a natural mineral that loves to absorb the ammonia that causes odours from urine. P-OFF  Infill replaces the sand infill usually installed on top of your artificial grass, when any urine comes in to contact with the P-OFF  Infill then it gets absorbed and naturally breaks it down. You can use this in conjunction with our P-OFF liquid concentrate which you spray on the lawn leave for 3 mins then rinse, this will kill any bacteria and make your lawn smell clean and fresh. No more smelly synthetic lawn.

P-OFF liquid concentrate comes in 2 ltrs and 4 ltrs and 9.5 litres,  you only need 24oml per 4 litres of water, so very economical and works on all porous surfaces, it can even be used as a drain cleaner as P-OFF is a natural Bio enzyme.

If you are in Melbourne call 08 9524 6695 or 03 9553 9595  email and one of our experianced team will assist you.