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Synthetic Turf Used in Australian Sports

Synthetic Grass Used In Australian Sports

Synthetic turf is a highly controlled environment, where natural grass poses far greater risk to players’ safety, as a result of gradient changes/undulations and much wetter areas, caused by sprinklers or rain, while other parts of the same field may be quite hard. Another major issue is the need for intermittent testing for the ...

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The Cost of Premium Synthetic Turf vs Natural Turf?

All Seasons Synthetic Turf Entertaining Area Coolplus Australian Made

Yes we all know that premium Australian made synthetic grass does have a high initial cost outlay but that stops right there, when compared that to natural turf. Premium Australian made synthetic turf cost for supply only is between $29 - $56 per m2 depending on your turf selection, and for supply and install it ...

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Synthetic Grass: How to remove urine and urine odours

Urine Free All-Seasons Synthetic Turf Australian Made

All Seasons Synthetic Turf understands that this time of year in Perth, with the heat and humidity the uric acid crystals which are the source of the urine smell activates and releases the urine odour. In turn can stop you enjoying your artificial grass and your outdoor area  but you know it doesn't have ...

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All Seasons Synthetic Turf Rubber Mulch brings year-round beauty, unsurpassed safety and unequaled longevity.

Rubber Mulch All Seasons Synthetic Turf

Whether you are looking for landscaping, playground or commercial products All Seasons Synthetic Turf Rubber mulch is made from 100% WA recycled tyres. We guarantee that you will save time, money and the environment. Years ago as a society we buried our problems by taking these old tyres to the dump, we covered them up ...

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Testimonial: Install of Summer Cool Synthetic Turf Dalyellup

All Seasons Synthetic Turf 2137 Dalyellup

Hello, I would personally like to thank your team for a great job. The customer service was great from day one (thanks Sylvia), right through to finalising the deal (thanks Steve), and of course the installation (thanks to the three lads). I really appreciated the email communication during the early stages, it was concise and prompt ...

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