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P-Off Dirty DogP-Off Dirty Dog

P-Off Dirty Dog

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P-Off – Dirty Dog gives you the strength of a heavy duty commercial detergent, but without ingredients that can irritate animal skin.

  • Safer for pets: Contains less harsh oxidizer than most other detergents
  • Safer for the environment: Completely biodegradable
  • Reduces the need for bleach: Hydrogen peroxide is a color safe bleach on fabrics
  • Deodorises fabrics better than regular detergents: Peroxide is a natural deodorizer and changes the chemical compound of the odor causing compounds

P-Off – Dirty Dog Peroxide Powered Laundry Detergent is a Triple Action detergent designed specifically for use by animal care professionals and home pet care providers.

For Standard Top Loader or Front Loader Machines Add:
Do not mix with bleach

High Efficiency Machine - Add 30ml for a regular load or 60ml for a heavy load

Standard Top ot Front Load Machine - Add 60ml per regular load or 90-100ml for a heavy load

Pre-spot Solution - Treat the stain with full strength concentrate, agitate the stain if needed, wait 3-5 minutes and wash as usual.

Finished Product

Application Remove odours and heavy duty stains
Container size 300ml
Environment Safe
Pets Safe


Ethoxylate Alcohol C9-11 (68439-46-3)
Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate C11 (34938-01-1)
Sodium Octanesifonate (5324-84-5)
Hydrogen Peroxide (7722-84-1)
Fragrance N/A
Water (7732-18-5)

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