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Artificial Grass in Perth That’s Good / Okay For Dogs

 Pet Friendly Artificial Grass For Perth


All Seasons Synthetic Turf Perth had a visit from the lovely Thor and his owners today, he loved rolling around on the fake grass. Thor’s owners have been thinking whether to have artificial lawn for a few years now but were worried about the following:







  • Will it be too hot for his paws
  • will his urine make the grass smell
  • Will the poo be hard to pick up
  • Will he rip up the grass
  • Will there be harmful toxins in the yarn


These are the most common questions when customers have pets, All Seasons Synthetic Turf only has Australian made artificial lawns made using Australian APT yarns, which include the latest CoolPlus yarn technology, which means the fake grass is 30% cooler, which is perfect for your pets paws.


  • CoolPlus technology reduces the heat by 30%, these synthetic grasses are installed in schools and day care centres, so perfect for the dogs to run around on
  • With the urine you just have to manage the area by hosing through on a regular basis, if the pet urinates in one spot and the area has an odour this can be easily removed using a natural product called UrineFree, which when comes into contact with urine it crystalises it and breaks it down, this is an amazing product, you can use it indoors also for those little accidents, it will also not harm the synthetic turf or affect your 10 year warranty.
  • With the dog poo, I always recommend one of the artificial grasses that has a freshly mowed look, like Summer Cool or Summer Breeze. The poo sits on top and is easy to pick up, if the dogs have a bit of a messy accident then as the fake turf is synthetic, you can not harm it by throwing some hot soapy water on it to clean it, much easier than real grass and it will not Die
  • All Seasons Synthetic Turf Perth’s synthetic lawns are extremely tough and durable, when installing artificial turf in an area used by your pet, we always use extra turf pegs around the edges and put plenty of infill sand on the artificial grass. The dogs tend to like to find a corner to lift then pick at it so edges need to be secure. With digging, it is the damp dirt that is attractive to them, this is eliminated as we put 75mm base under the synthetic lawn, which has a Triple Reinforced Backing. We also suggest that the first time he goes out on the grass, just watch for his reaction, especially if the pet has a destructive nature.
  • With regards to toxins in artificial lawn, all of All Seasons Synthetic Turf’s artificial grasses are Australian made using Australian APT yarns, produced in Melbourne, all the yarns are contaminant free, UV stabilised, heat stabilised, safe pigments, with quality assurance and backed by a whopping 10 year warranty.













30% Cooler synthetic turf also available to DIY


If you are on a budget or are handy and would like to do the fake turf installation yourself, then we offer a DIY service, which includes:


  • Helping you to choose the best product for your needs
  • Working out how much turf you will need to purchase
  • The best way to lay the artificial grass as it has a grain
  • Tips on how to maintain the synthetic grass when you have a pet
  • Installation instructions
  • You can purchase all the materials you will need for your installation from us, except your base material, which you get delivered from your local landscape yard.


If you would like some more information on the type of synthetic turf would be best for you then please call our office on 08 9524 6065 or email your questions or plans to [email protected] and one of our knowledgeable friendly staff will help you. We look forward to hearing from you.