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Our Silverback Lawn Manufacturer APTA – Meets the real thing !!!




Our manufacturer APTA’s fearless leader Steven Niven had a very close encounter with a real Silverback Gorilla


The endangered impressive Mountain Gorillas in Uganda don’t live in any zoo across the planet since they cannot survive in detention and thus there aren’t any known mountain gorillas surviving within zoos. These can only be found and seen in Africa  in just three countries including Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

When you talk about Gorillas imaginative thoughts cross anyone’s mind; with thoughts of Tarzan movies and King Kong. Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda weren’t known about by the western world until 1902.  Rwanda then a German colony, Captain von Berenge was mountaineering Mount Sabinyo on the side of Rwanda together with his friends and at 9300 foot-level where they camped, they spotted a group of Mountain Gorillas and there he shot 2 of them although managed to retrieve just one.  The victim was a young-male approximately five years of age, not too big at 220 pounds, however larger than all apes the Germans had ever seen.  The Bones plus skin were later forwarded to Berlin and there it was acknowledged as a mountain gorilla.

There are approximately 786 Mountain Gorillas remaining in the world with approximately half of them staying in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest plus the Mgahinga Gorilla Park within Uganda found in East Africa.

Nobody had imagined that gorillas could stay in a high and colder environment than West -Africa.  The news of gorillas attracted hunters to the region, especially within Congo and there several Mountain Gorillas where shot and others captured.  Actually Prince Wilhelm from Sweden shot fourteen mountain gorillas in an expedition within this region done from 1920 to 1921. This abhoric pastime is  Not acceptable practice now but poaching is still favoured by some.

These magnificent animals need protecting.


Steven said ” it was an amazing experience” and thought of us and our Silverback Lawn™when he saw this magnificent animal !Mind you that was after he saw the gorilla rolling down the hill towards him and he recovered from nearly pooping his pants!!!!!!!

Silverback Gorillas are tough, robust and resilient just like our Silverback Lawn™ which is made by our world leading manufacturer APTA in Melbourne, we are proud to be associated with this world leading synthetic turf manufacturer. Just like the Silverback APTA have a first class pedigree, favoured by all major sports and have been apart of the last 5 Olympic games as well as the upcoming Olympics in Japan, where they developed high performance,  innovative sustainable synthetic turf, which is also available through All Seasons Synthetic Turf for residential and commercial use.

Silverback Gorilla – Magnificent – tough – resilient



When All Seasons Synthetic Turf were talking re design, durability and toughness needed for our unique pet lawn with APTA the first name that came to mind was Silverback Lawn™

What is Silverback Lawn™


What is Silverback Lawn and what are the benefits
  1.  Australian made 100%
  2. Innovative yarn that resists flattening and will not matt
  3. Tough triple backing
  4. Entanglement technology means it will not hide debri’s
  5. No shine from any angle but with highest UV stability
  6. The most natural looking  synthetic turf to be developed 
  7. Exceeds Fifa 2 star rating for strength and durability
  8. Perfect for high traffic areas, Pets, c
  9. hildren and commercial use



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Special thanks to Steven Niven APTA Asia Pacific  for providing the video and amazing photos