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Mulch & Ali Edging

You will not believe how amazing it looks!
  • How many times have you looked at your flower beds and thought “I really need to re-mulch”.
  • All Seasons Synthetic Turf Perth has the perfect solution to help you save money, time and the environment.
  • No more re-mulching! A once only application!
  • All Seasons Rubber Mulch Perth is an environmentally friendly, 100% recycled material made from West Australian tyres.

All Seasons Synthetic Turf - Mulch, no more re-mulching needed!


All Seasons Rubber Mulch Perth has many benefits, here are just a few:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from 100% recycled tyres
  • Will not fade
  • Will not attract or let white ants breed
  • Will last a lifetime – guaranteed!
  • Once only application
  • No blowing away
  • Odour free
  • Suppresses weeds

All Seasons Rubber Mulch Perth comes in a range of colours and textures. Please call our office for a free quote or for more information, contact us


Ali Edge

Strong, versatile, flexible Aluminium edging, looks sleek and modern. Install as a straight edge or be creative with curves, it can even be used to separate artificial grass from a flower bed, as a border around trees and flower beds.

Lightweight and easy to use, you can either have it professionally installed when we are installing your new artificial grass, or for the DIY enthusiast the product is available for self-install.

Ali Edge comes in 3m lengths by 75mm high, accessories are included, guides, joiners and 300mm stakes.

  • Easy DIY or professional installation available
  • Sleek, slimline profile
  • No rust, even in coastal climates
  • Flexible curved or straight usage

Ali Edge comes in 3m lengths, accessories include, guides, joiners and pegs. 

Ali Edge Curved

Ali Edge Straight


Ali Edge Joiner

Ali Edge Peg


Sold in 3m lengths including accessories.