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Children s Cool new play area – Australian Made CoolPlus Synthetic Turf for Kwinana Skate Park

All Seasons Synthetic Turf’s cool yarn technology inspires new child’s play area


We live in an extremely harsh hot climate, so when choosing artificial turf, you need to make sure it is firstly,


  • Australian made – Yes
  • Australian APT yarn – Yes
  • CoolPlus Yarn – Yes
  • Actionbac triple reinforced backing – Yes
  • No harmful chemicals – Yes
  • Professional installation – Yes
  • Quality customer service – Yes





Once all these questions are answered, then you can choose the right grass for your application. Whether it is your




All Seasons Synthetic Turf have a fake grass to suit your budget and application. We completed a back yard play area today in Hillary’s using Summer Cool, which has the latest Coolplus yarn which is up to 30 % cooler




























 All Seasons Synthetic Turfs range of fake lawns from the CoolPlus range



  •  Summer Cool 35
  •  Summer Breeze
  •  Winter Cool
  •  Autumn Cool
  •  Summer Cool 30 DIY
  •  Lush 45
  •  Olympia CoolPlus- Multi functional sports surface
  •  CoolPlay – Perfect for children s play areas, day cares and schools






  •  30% Cooler yarn “scientifically proven
  •  Australian made using Australian APT yarns (Australia’s only yard manufacturer)
  •  Designed by us specifically for Perth’s harsh climate and conditions
  •  Soft underfoot and extremely natural looking
  •  Two and three tone IR-reflective polyethylene monofilament, texturised monofiliament multicolour subpile
  •  Environmentally friendly yarns which are 100% heavy metal free
  •  Maximum protection against UV degradation
  •  25 yrs testing at the Allunga Exposure laboratory in Townsville
  •  Backed by a 10 yr warranty (conditions apply)


For those customers who are really concerned with the surface temperature of synthetic turf or have heard that it is too hot to stand on, then CoolPlus synthetic turf is the perfect solution but if you want fake grass the same temperature as real grass, then you will love our latest product – HydroChill™






It is a typical hot Perth day today and all our customers who recently had HydroChill installed on their fake lawns are happy to report they can comfortably relax on their synthetic grass and not worry about it being too hot. Yes, it really works and consumers are over the moon with the results.

Yes the results are in – HydroChill infill has reduced synthetic turf temperatures by up to 28 deg C


First of all a little information on what HydroChill is and what benefit it is to you the customer wanting synthetic turf but worried about the heat. HydroChill is a cooling technology infill that is added to the sand infill that you install with synthetic grass. This simple addition to the turf’s infill provides an average cooling range of 16-28 degrees Celcius and works naturally when hydrated by irrigation, rainfall and dew! Feet and paws will really appreciate the difference All Seasons and Hydrochill will make to your new or existing fake lawn.

Why Install HydroChill with your artificial grass?


In the past, the surface temperature of synthetic lawns was always a concern. While fake grass is  great for   combating harsh,  dry, hot climates, high  temperatures can  cause the surface of the grass to require frequent rinses with water to stay cool. Now, however, All Seasons Synthetic Turf have a solution in  HydroChill, which  allows you to enjoy your synthetic  lawn any time of day or year. HydoChill can reduce the surface temperature of fake grass, synthetic putting greens, sports surfaces  by more as much as 50 degrees, making artificial lawn viable in even the harsh Australian climate. HydroChill Infill can keep your family and pets comfortable outdoors even on warm days.




HydroChill works by using moisture or hydration  to cool the surface of the grass. As the lawn  is heated by the sun, moisture stored in the HydroChill is released and the evaporative moisture removes heat, leaving the surface cool.

HydroChill uses  moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew or reticulation can help keep the grass cool for days.  During the hot  summer, surfaces absorb more energy from the sun and heat up quickly. Surfaces like artificial turf benefit greatly from this cooling system  because HydroChill is designed to work on the hottest days when the sun is directly overhead. As conditions continue to heat up around the world and artificial lawns become more popular for areas hit hardest by drought, HydroChill is the best way to combat surface heat and make your outdoor space enjoyable for everyone.


Benefits of using HydroChill infill system


  • HydroChill utilizes moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending on local conditions.
  • HydroChill can be incorporated into all All Season Synthetic Turfs grass range
  • HydroChill will not affect the durability or warranty of All Seasons Synthetic Turf products
  • HydroChill is UV resistant



hydrochill image sun









What can All Seasons Synthetic Turf do for you !!!!!!!!


  1. Australian made synthetic grass using Australian APT yarns
  2. Latest CoolPlus artificial turfs which are 30% cooler
  3. First class customer service – just read our Google reviews
  4. Professional installation teams with many years experience, trained to our high standards.
  5. No commission salesman
  6. 12 months Interest Free finance
  7. Online Estimator
  8. We also range Rubber Mulch, Artificial plants and trees, UrineFree
  9. Most importantly we can give you PEACE OF MIND that when choosing All Seasons Synthetic Turf Perth you can be rest assured that we have done extensive research and development along with our manufacturer to bring you fake lawns you can rely on and enjoy for many years to come.


For more information on our CoolPlus range of artificial lawns or HydroChill or to book a quote, please call our office on 08 9524 6065 or email us on We look forward to seeing you.